Items turned from either English hardwoods, or FSC approved tropical hardwoods.

Bowls, platters, dishes, bead sorters tea-light holders. 

Items vary in price depending on size and type of timber.

all items made to order.

Lead time about one week or less. Please contact me for your requirements

Bowls & Dishes

Bowls and dishes will vary in size from about 4" dia. up to about 12" dia. and 1" to 4" depth.

They can be made from seasoned tropical hardwoods or green / part seasoned English hardwoods












Bead Tray

This is a small bead sorting tray about 7" dia. suitable for 20" and smaller necklaces. It is made from African Utile.













Tea-Light Holders

These are turned from Apple, Beech, Hawthorn and Mahogany



















Kitchen Compost Bin

Turned bowl with lid, approx 7" dia and 3" high.

Oil finish, ideal for collecting kitchen composting materials, teabags, coffee grounds, fruit and vegetable peelings etc.